Grocery shopping made easy

Hi Brooke, so loving SCS/VIP and I wanted to share my favorite grocery shopping trick to how I stay at goal weight and on my protocol. Like you and many others, I do not enjoy grocery shopping, it is a total time-suck for me.

A Yoga friend of mine mentioned how much she was enjoying using Amazon Fresh and how wonderful it was and how it was making her life so much ears perked up.

As with all things, there is a slight learning curve, but it’s working wonderfully. About every 5-7 days I reserve a delivery time of my choice, and I go down the list of the same items I purchase week after week. Click, Click and my completed list of fresh and frozen delicious foods are at my door the next morning. All packaging and ice packs are put out by the curb, and my USPS people pick it up..Win-Win