grocery shopping – my nightmare

Hello there
I’m trying to find out why grocery shopping is such a stressful thing for me to do.
I’m not judging myself, just analyzing my thinking and my actions.
So here’s what I know so far:

I get everything on my “to buy” list, then I go to the store.
It’s like I CAN’T just go in and buy things I wrote down.. no.
My brain is like we have to get the most out of it. That means I think about what is on sale.. and if I need it. And buy it.
Another thing is, buy every possible thing for the week because you know you might want it at somepoint. WHO KNOWS. Like preparing for all the cases.
And then there is the other thing if I don’t find all the things.
For example, today I needed tofu and some special beans. And I only found the beans in a can. My friend told me they are the ones but the look pretty ugly. So I stayed at the grocery store looking at the cans for like 10 minutes and not deciding if I should get them. It would be better to find fresh ones. But the grocery store didnt have any.. also no tofu..
so I decided to go home, take the bike and drive to the asian store.. than I forgot that I didn’t have the key to open up the bike. It was in my apartment. Went up, put away my things I bought.. and then I was so stressed…
I had these two thoughts: this takes away all my free time, I want to just enjoy my freetime, it just takes too long , I don’t want to spend my time hurrying to buy things.

So I just asked my bf if he could get the two things when he came home from work.

So yea, thats me every time I go in to the grocery store. I spend too much time and too much money. And end up being stressed..
All because OF MEEEE

Thanks for helping