Grocery store and desire to overeat

Hi Brooke,
I’ve recently identified that when I go to the grocery store, my desire to overeat and binge elevates, even if I don’t buy anything off protocol. By the evening, I’m digging through the fridge eyeing off things like cheese or frozen fruit and often eating it. I tell myself that “at least it’s not sugar or flour” and unsurprisingly don’t feel great. I’m super happy that I’ve identified this though, because now I can work on it.
What I’m trying to do now is prepare ahead of time for the increase in desire. I know white knuckling is ineffective so I’m thinking that I need to accept that I will feel the desire and even set 5 minutes before and after going to the store to do a thought download and models on what I think is happening/going to happen. I think using the 100 urges sheet specifically for this situation would also be effective so that I allow the urge to arise but go unanswered.
What are your thoughts?