I just had a great with a LCS Coach. I reflected on some questions where we ended the call and I wanted to get some more help on how to go even deeper with these questions.

We talked about who I am now vs who I am in the future when I accomplish my goal (the same person but my brain doesn’t see that).  I haven’t wanted to get uncomfortable because I have my worth and value tied up in the goal. So I reflected on that a bit and here’s where my brain is at (thoughts) – I’ll be better when I figure out how to reach my goal and make $50,000. I’m not worthy right now. I need to do bigger things, grow, and push myself because that’s what humans do. I’m only worthy when I provide value, when I’m useful otherwise no one cares about me or my existence.

For me to make $50,000 by December 31, my brain says at what expense? For pushing myself to do things I don’t want to do, to beat myself up, not honor my time, overwork, keep telling myself I’m not worthy? That I don’t matter? NO THANK YOU. It’s not worth it then. What’s the point?

Where can I start healing myself? Maybe even dig in deeper? Disconnect from my worth equaling value I produce? If what I produce isn’t good enough then I’m not good enough?