Hi Brooke!!!

I hope you are having a splendid beginning of August!!

I thought I shared some of my growth.

I had a new and exciting thought today, which I plan to make a belief, from now on I only undertake things and projects that I’m completely passionate about and then I pursue them with all my heart. Gone are the days of half assing it or just seeing what happens, if I’m in then I’m all in. This new thought is beyond exciting. I know that I will have bumps a long the way to make this into a constant but I know that I will succeed.

Second and third, one of my new obsessions in choreography (high suggests you check out Kyle Hanagami) I have never taken dance classes but I decided to come up my own choreography and make a video. It is all part of a make your dreams reality project that I will plan to work on once my current project (my brilliant novel) is done. The basic concept is to show progress through action. My first video was clumsy but I am proud of it. I’m sure as I learn to actually dance my videos will get better. Anyway I showed it to my bf and he criticized it.
In the past I would get my feelings hurt and question my competence but instead I took the valid statements and left the drama. I feel blessed to have a bf who shares his honest opinion and his critical nature has helped me grow.

I will probably write some more later in the month.

Thank you for everything!!!