grumpy husband AHA moment

Thank you so much for helping me realize I can take back my power by changing MY THOUGHT. Hello… I thought I was doing so well, but that negative thought was still in charge, and I didn’t realize it. I was trying to make my husband not grumpy and difficult in order to change my thought. Then I realized it doesn’t matter if he’s grumpy, it only matters my THOUGHT about his grumpiness. AHHHHH!!! So much better. Am I on the right track? So simple and I was making it so hard and was completely worn out.

Then I was almost home when he texted me, and I said to myself out loud, gosh, he is so high maintenance. Caught myself, laughed at myself a little, and immediately changed it saying out loud, gosh, I love that guy for checking in. And that felt so much better walking in the door to see him than if I had the high maintenance thought on my mind.

Thank you! You are totally right, this work is blowing my mind!