Guidance for Estimating

Hi Brooke,

Have you found any rules of thumb, or ways of thinking to enable one to improve their ability to estimate so as to make
planning and executing multiple projects that involve many parties more productive?

I know you use your calendar, and calendaring as a constraints – which I am having success with.
I am wanting to expand this as I’m required to provide resources to many projects concurrently.
My current thinking is that there is too much to do and too little time – and that I am bad at estimating :).
Here is my revised thought model, which is making me feel better :).

C: Have limited number of people resources to apply to many concurrent dept projects with tight timeframes.
T: I apply the resources I have to execute the highest priority work.
A: Provide rule of thumb estimating techniques to requests as they arise.
R: It is easy to forecast and communicate number of people resources required. Available resources are applied to the highest priority work.

Thanks in advance for any coaching you can provide.