Guidance for which module to focus on

I have opened to study vault and so many topics apply but I am writing for some guidance on which topic will fit my current situation.
I am recently back to work after one year off because of severe burnout. Being back is scary. I can feel the same feelings of anxiety and overwhelm. I work with people with disabilities who spend a majority of their lives in our society oppressed, fighting for equal access and inclusion. I know I can not fix this for them but as a do my work (as an interpreter) I can’t help but empathize with their frustration as I am a place for them to vent-knowing their language- and can empathize with their suffering as I see it daily. It becomes and “us and them” situation and one in which I always feel I am not doing enough to be an ally, advocate or making their lives accessible enough. How do I make boundaries, look after myself, appreciate my privilege of being non-deaf , deliver services but maintain my own sense of self and health? Which module do you think would be a great place to start in addition to this months teachings?

Thank you