Guidance on: a.) finding a Stop OD Program, b.) Constraint and c.)Active learning vs. Passive

I joined quite a while a go for the Stop Overdrinking. I do not see an actual Program for that. I see the videos and the 4 worksheets. The videos are fine and I watch those. However, it does not appear that there are workbooks or daily exercises such as in the Monthly ones. I also don’t see a comprehensive workbook like the Overeating. Therefore, I believe I have been doing more passive learning and soaking it all in. I would really benefit from weekly podcasts/exercises, behind the scenes, and daily work! I was told by a coach I could do daily downloads, yet, these can be all over the board. I have done some of the monthly ones (for example, March – which is focused on Beliefs), as well as others. I have been following the urges one. These help and I can gear them towards drinking. The last 2 months’ topics I did not do because I felt I needed to constrain and I could not tailor these. So, I have been all over the board and want to focus on the skill of not overdrinking. Yet, again, I am not seeing weekly or daily structured exercises to assist me. Please help me to find some structure and program I can follow!