Guidance with A and R line in the model

I find the A and R line tricky in the model — the C / T / F are usually extremely clear, but I struggle with the A and R. Also, how do I know what the R will be of the Intentional model before it’s happened yet? Here is an example:

C work
T director won’t hire me again because of my accent
F defeated
A find ways to beat myself up — accent, body — and then compare myself to others and decide they’re better off
R feeling regretful + anxious, bad concentration on work i could be doing, less appealing to hire again

C work
T This is an excellent lesson that will make me a better artist and take me deeper in my work
F Steadfast curiosity (or: determined)
A Write my accent coach with a few questions, schedule a skype date with my friend who is a voice coach, research a few more things that will help me personally with this change
R my accent, and work improve