How do you ever reconcile the feeling of guilt? Do you let this emotion just be there? I realize that the feeling is based on that “I should of done something more or better or different to change the situation in this case”. It’s not that I don’t want to and still have that last chance to help someone that maybe I can really help them. I feel like I tried my best and they just proved to me to take advantage of the situation over and over and over. It’s a sibling and I know I can’t change their life they have to want to. I know it’s their decision and own journey and it’s exactly how it should be. But when it’s a substance they are not in the place of being in control voluntarily in that sense. But the guilt of leaving it on the table as it is and not try one more time to reach out to see if I can give a spark of inspiration to help turn their life around is heart wrenching. I know it’s my decision and maybe I will reach out but I’m sure he’ll disappear.

I just feel so guilty for not wanting to help him even more. Yet if he were in my life in a way I have to “take care” of him in a sense of living situation and him just taking advantage once again – I won’t stand for it because the amount of stress that would be put on my kids and my family life would not be healthy for anyone. I did, it was one of the most terrible times in my life. I feel like I pushed him out of my life but really he’s the one that did that. He’s the one that decided not to want to go to work or live a life where he isn’t living off of someone else or the government . Ugh I can not shake the guilt. How do I deal with it?