Guilt Ahead Of Time

Just to give you some background context. Ever since I was little, my mother would always tell my siblings and I, in order to get us to do something or to listen, that “we’re going to wish we had listened when she dies.” Basically guilt tripping us into following directions or to control our behavior in some way. I love my mom dearly and do not judge any of her parenting skills in raising my siblings and I. But I’ve identified that this is something that is affecting me to this day. Can you help me finish my model? I can’t seem to find an intentional thought that is believable.


C- Mom & Siblings Living.

T- You’re going to wish you showed up more for them when they die

F- Guilt

A- Feel obligated to do things for them, Want to rescue them out of their problems, not tell them the truth, passive aggressive behaviors

R- I show up less in the relationship.


C- Mom & Siblings Living T-???