Guilt model help

I’m doing my model and I’m not sure I’m doing it great. I’m trying to bring awareness but I’m not clear with how to relate what’s happening in the moment with my model
So here is my model
C : working on why haven’t you committed yet to a diamond call
T : I don’t respect my protocol
F : guilt
And here’s my question
A : at the exact moment where I eat something off my protocol I’m thinking Ts like “wait you still have choice to stop” but then I override this T with Ts like “no it’s not a big deal, we’ll start tomorrow, anyway I don’t agree with this protocol stuff, it’s BS…” So I’m kind of overriding my awareness in the moment to allow myself to blow my protocol and I’m almost at the same time feeling guilty to do this and then to eat the chocolate. But I’m also beating myself up at the same moment for doing this with Ts like “pfff you’re doing it again, you will never succeed, you’ll never be able to reach your goal…”
So I’m numbing myself, beating myself up, giving into urges, and I’m not sure all these As belong to this model.
What actions are produced by guilt?
It seems I’m doing all these As but I’m not sure they all go in this one model. Am I shifting the model without seeing it ?
Thank you for your help because I’m not so sure here.