Guilt versus People Pleasing

Asking my boss for more hours at work feels indulgent when I know my coworkers also want more hours. Last month I gave away some of my hours to a coworker who is pregnant with twins and is trying to get some savings built up. This month I gave away hours to a coworker who’s wife just had a baby so their income is reduced. I like to help my coworkers but I also am wondering why I can’t just take my given hours and not feel guilty. I guess I am afraid of the feelings of not being liked more than the feelings of guilt. I know I can’t affect if they like me or not, that is up to them. Then I get stuck on another story that I don’t deserve the hours because I am no better than they are. I want to show up confident that I am giving quality service and I deserve my hours, I want to end the mind chatter because it causes constant stress. I know my thoughts can get me out of this loop. Do I just make a model and then practice feeling the discomfort that comes from the “better” thought”
C: I ask my boss to give me more hours
T: I can ask for what I need
F: deserving
A: not give away my hours, not apologize for my hours, not feel guilty, not think coworkers will be mad at me, not show up to work trying to make sure everyone is happy with their hours, not ruminate on this issue 24/7, not loose sleep and buffer because I feel like I a bad person for wanting more work when I know everyone else does too.
R: The mind drama will stop….? (hopefully!)

Can you help me with a model to get to the end point of no mind drama over work assignments/requests? thank you!