Guilty – Money

Hi Brooke,

I’ve realized that I feel guilty and ashamed because I haven’t contributed very much financially (directly) to our family’s income. When our kids were born years ago, I decided to stay at home for a few years and then worked on and off part-time but now do not earn a salary.

When I do the “math”, I know that we are very wealthy and do not need the money. My spouse does not put any pressure on me to earn; it’s all coming from me. I’ve tried different jobs, and even coached for a bit. A part of me really doesn’t want to work. I enjoy my leisurely time and being a mom; but my kids are getting older and I feel very guilty spending money on things I love to do, like travel and participating in coaching programs like this one. Plus, I am a little nervous if I’m going to feel the same in a few years when they are all off in college.

I feel like all I do is consume, even though in other ways I know that I contribute to the world through being a good mom, spouse and friend.

I need help with my models. . .
C: Household Money
T: I don’t contribute financially
F: Guilt/Shame
A: Try to work
R: Heart isn’t in it so I don’t make much money
UM –
C: Household Money
T: I don’t contribute financially and therefore can’t spend that money
F: Scarcity/Sad
A: Don’t spend money on things that would make me happy
R: ?
IM –
C: Household Money
T: I helped to grow our money to where it is now by contributing in other ways
F: Ownership; more confident
A: Spend money on things I love (like travel and coaching programs);
R: ?