“Gush About Brooke” Section?

Sometimes I think you need a special section on your site called “Gush About Brooke” so all of us with “Success Stories” can just post them there and you don’t have to respond to them all (because I know you’re busy, girl!). Anyway – so in my first 6 months, I quit drinking – which seemed like an impossibility when I started, but now is so easy – it’s almost like I never drank. I’ve also quit my overeating. I was close to my goal weight anyway (my focus was on no more uncontrollable stress-eating) but on my new protocol, I not only stopped stress-eating, I also lost that little bit o’ extra weight and my partner said last night, “Wow, you’re ripped” which was a nice compliment. 🙂

With the drinking and eating no longer taking mental space, I’ve now been able to work on making money in my old business – while also doing research and work on my new coaching business. I just enrolled in a course on how to speak to inspire – and I’m using the model to break through my fear to do the daily “Video Homework” she’s asking us to do and post in the FB Groups. I’m nervous – but excited – and the feedback on my videos from other Members has been great! I can see my vision for my new business coming together faster than I thought possible!

What’s really cool as a side benefit – as someone who always described himself as an introverted, socially-awkward person – is that I now feel comfortable in the world. Not sure if that makes sense. From someone who felt a low level of anxiety everywhere – I now have an constant sense of well-being as I go throughout the day – even around people or large groups. I feel less self-conscious and more “me” – which is really freeing.

Anyway, I’ll cut this “gush” short – but whenever I stop and think how great I feel and how far I’ve come in just 6 months – and how much of life feels open to me now – I feel motivated to pop in here and give you mad props. 😀

Thanks, Brooke! You’re the Best! xo