Ha! Tricky Brain…

It seems to me that the human brain is tricky. I was having challenges with my eating urges – because my mind would just go “I’m eating that bag of peanut M&M’s”. My mind wouldn’t say “It would be nice to have them” or “I want them” or “I wish I could eat them”. Nope. My mind just said “I’m eating them” – like “Okay, this is a done deal. Body – get movin’.” Since this didn’t feel like an “urge” but more of a final decision – I found myself eating things I knew I didn’t want to eat. I’d “wake up” afterwards and think … “How do you allow a decision, because we’re leaping past urges to immediate marching orders”.

Yesterday, I had this happen… where my brain said “We’re definitely eating that now” – and thought … “My brain has made a decision to eat that – and that’s okay.” And then I turned around and went back to my home office. A little while later … my brain was saying … “Okay, we’re definitely eating that” – and again, I thought “Ah, my brain is making more decisions – and that’s okay”. When I realized that my even my brain’s final decisions weren’t really final – if I accepted them as is (and saying “and that’s okay” worked well) … it gave me that little bit of light after the “deciding thought” to move away from the food and back to what I was doing.

I just found that fascinating, because I didn’t feel I was having urges. I felt I was simply complying with what the brain said it had decided was best for us right now. Tricky things, these brains!