Hacked & Stuck Part 2

Thank you for cleaning up my models.  Very helpful.

I guess it’s hard for me to continue to believe I am making progress when my circumstances shows otherwise. While I know it’s my belief that it’s going to be harder without access to FB ads, or Meta scheduler, I think my stickiest belief is that it’s going to be hard to get to the same level of expertise and ad knowledge on a different platform.

My 300 new leads only cost $29 on FB, the same ads didn’t convert on IG. I’m back on TikTok but haven’t spent the time to figure out the platform, algorithms or ad functions, my demographic is women over 50, which I am seeing on TikTok, but it’s a different community most of my follows right now are men (not what I’m trying to attract).

I feel like I’m efforting a lot more again and my goal of 100k by 12/31/22 seems more impossible than ever. I’m not a quitter, and I always figure shit out, but am really struggling to begin believe I’m still making progress. I believe I was making progress, but that has come to a screeching halt.

I guess another sticky thought is it was easy to be consistent with FB because my VA & I could schedule a whole month of posts out when I had my personal profile through Meta suite so I was a month ahead of the game, and I want that ease back. Making part of me desiring to figure out how to make it work🤷🏻‍♀️

Looking back at my activity, I’ve only posted a 23 times since I got hacked but my messaging for at least half was about trying to rise above being hacked – it wasn’t in alignment with my target audience and in fact might have scared my e-mail list when it came to clicking links in my email.

I’ve had my laptops and office desktop swiped by professional IT team from my CPA firm to ensure there isn’t any lingering danger, updated lane passwords to secure ones, but still have exposure for (last I looked 245 potential reused or weak passwords and try to update 5 a day) but I’m looping with the thought it’s not safe (it being the internet) and then yesterday I learned last pass had a security breach on 8/25 (which is the security platform I use) which brought up all my fears again.
I hopped on the phone with them yesterday and they have assured me that my account is safe. But my trust level is low.

Ok so a simple current model:
C: goal is 95,750 by 12/31
T: I have to figure out a new marketing plan
F: overwhelmed
A: do a lot of nothing/spinning, ruminating, read, research, save potential content, (reels/TikTok) consider revamping niche to women in leadership and learn more about LinkedIn, not write copy, not recording content with same energy or conviction, not creating copy for previously recorded content, waste time fixing links on website, not posting consistently, neglected doing my webinar even though I said I was going to regardless of attendees for the content
R: I don’t support myself

Desired model
C: Goal meet or exceed $ goal by 12/31
T: I know how to connect with my peeps and impact their lives
A: create compelling content, get back on mh1 scheduling, make & stick to my plan, don’t look back, rinse & repeat, evaluate the pros and cons expanding to LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube and or TikTok like a science experiment. Make a decision, give it a time frame and focus, give myself grace and compassion for moving forward, be diligent with multiple factor authentication, continue updating potentially compromising passwords
R: I am making progress towards my goal