Had a fight with my parents

I recently started a weight loss journey and I was cooking fresh pasta using a specific keto diet sauce. I personally find it delicious. My mom said it’s delicious too, but when my dad came home today, he tried it and he said it tastes horrible, reminds him of shitty stuff and accussed me for wasting money (I bought the food with my own money and contribute greatly to the household in terms of finances). I was embarrassed and furious, and my mother who said the sauce is delicious ended up siding with my father and started accusing me for not being respectful and flipping out at my father. She said: “kids should always obey parents” and that’s what she did for my grant parents. The irony is that both my parents have terrible relationships with their parents/siblings. My father is completely disowned by the family and my mother is in an awkward situation with her family.

I feel like their actions are seriously damaging my relationships with them and they are making another mistake. I want to move out, but I feel obligated to my parents because I think they need my emotional support, which is also true. It’s just getting harder and harder to feel happy living with them. I am on medication for depression and anxiety.