Had an insight – now what?

Hello Coaches!

I could use some advice on how to take an insight I had this weekend and use it to move myself forward.

I realized this weekend that I have been pushing back on making goals around work, because it brings up the most amount of my BS. WOAH.

More than anything else in my life (family, husband, etc), work is what brings up the most self-doubt and negative thinking about myself.

This is great insight – now I know where the pushback is coming from! (It’s been bugging me!)

I’ve been working on practicing some Intentional Thoughts around work – but I’d love your insights into how to move forward.

I did a thought download and some models about some of the thoughts around work that are coming up – but other than practicing my new intentional thoughts, are there other actions I can take?
Now that I understand where my pushback is coming from, I’d love to make a goal around work, Any suggestions about how to figure out a good goal around this?

Thank you!