Hair loss

I used to have beautiful thick hair and now that I’m perimenopausal, I notice accelerated hair loss. To combat this, I’m taking supplements, but the hair loss seems to be increasing. Every day I try to stay calm about it, but I always notice it in the mirror. It really bothers me.

C: Strands of hair leave head upon shampooing and brushing
T: I’m going to lose all of my hair
F: Fear
A; Avoid washing my hair regularly, don’t style it, avoid brushing it, count the hairs that fall out, notice how thin it’s getting, look in the mirror at my part, wish it was thick like it used to be, look at my hair products and tell myself they’re not working, wonder what else I can do, dread combing through it, look at the daily shed in the garbage can, throw it up in a bun in frustration, don’t go out in public as much, constantly monitor whether I’m shedding hair or not, look for hair on my pillowcase, pick up hair off the floor
R: ?

I know a part of moving through this model is to let myself feel disappointed that I’m losing my hair, but I’m having trouble facing the disappointment daily.