Hair Loss

I’ve sparse hair and they became thinner after my kid was born. After weaning her, I joined SCS and lost around 20 pounds and achieved my target weight. Unfortunately my hair-loss worsened and my hair are so sparse now that my scalp is seen. Everyone in my world is concerned about it. I believe I’m hiding. I fear none of my efforts would work. Now my parents saw me and that’s all they are focused on. I want to hide.

C my hair loss
T they will never come back
F hopeless
A don’t take expert opinion, don’t bother taking vitamins, don’t provide nourishment, get upset with anyone who comments about my hair, accept my situation and try not to think about it
R my hair will never come back

I’m so hopeless that I don’t feel like doing an intentional model. I want to hide and pretend that I don’t have hair issues.

C my hair loss
T they will come back
F ?
A take expert opinion, take vitamins, using nourishing hair packs, take massive action to care for my hair
R my hair came back