Hairpainting Expert

So I’ve been thinking for awhile now that I want to be the best hairpainter in my city. This is a really scary goal for me because now that I have decided, I have to get to work. I have been talking to some stylists and I feel like every stylist in my city does everything, meaning jack of all trades, master of none. I don’t like doing certain things as a stylist and this is what I want to do even though I’m not fantastic at it, yet. I want to narrow down my focus because I want to be great at one thing, not kind of good at all things. I want to do this to prove to myself that I can, for one, and that I have a real purpose in this business. I have been told it is my personality and my ability to make people feel comfortable that gets butts in my chair, not my talent. This has always eluded me and although I like that I make people feel comfortable, I want them to choose me because they have heard that I am the BEST at hairpainting. My target market are women between the ages of 40-60, not 20-year-olds who typically get this service. I am hoping for a little insight in how to engage the over 40 women to get this service. They quickly say they don’t want to look too young, which I don’t think this service does. It is youthful looking but that is the beauty of it really. I am not ready to market myself as such yet because I am not an expert but this is my ultimate goal and it scares the shit out of me and excites me all at the same time. My primitive brain is telling me to stay in the cave, that this will be too hard and uncomfortable. I need some help getting my prefrontal on board here because right now I absolutely do not believe I can achieve this although I want to believe it. I am also indulging in a bit of confusion as well because I want to get more into reiki healing. I am extremely drawn to spirit and healing and crystals and want to know it all, right now!! I need the patience (that I so lack) and knowing I am doing what will ultimately make me happy. It’s like I’m expecting an outside source to tell me where to start which I know is extremely unproductive and unhelpful. The other major block is this dang money thing…knowing I need to educate myself more but feeling it is expensive. I want to believe (which I do not yet) that this is worth the investment. My primitive brain is saying, it’s too expensive and you will eventually give up like you do with everything else. You are in major debt and can barely make ends meet, how will this be ANY different.
I know these are awful thoughts to be thinking and are keeping me from moving forward. I need some helpful thoughts moving forward. Thank you!