Half-Marathon – Do It or Not Without Preparation?

As a motivation to stick to my eating protocol and training plan, 4 months ago I signed in for half marathon.

I religiously made 16 weeks training plan. One week into it I stopped following and indulged into foods out of my protocol. Then I made 12 week training plan, the same happened. Then at 8 weeks and at 4 weeks I made one.

The half marathon is now in 10 days. I am owerweight, untrained and feeling disappointed in myself.  Last year it was exactly the same story and I didnt do it even though I signed up for it for the first time.

Now I am sitting on the fence, shall I still attempt to walk that half marathon in max allowed time, just to feel better about myself?  I am not sure how to stop my vicious cycle and why am I experiencing this struggle around weight, food and no motivation to excercise – even though I really want to be at healthy weight and feel energetic.