Halfway there jitters?

September is almost halfway over and my brain is telling me my goal of building a website for a photography portrait project would be better done over six months, or even 12, so I can release a photo profile each week or each month as I create the content. That I don’t have enough content to launch the site, and that the content I do have doesn’t justify an entire website.
*This is just my brain wanting to go back to the safety of the cave, right?*
I am thinking this thought work is so challenging because I believe my default thoughts. They so strongly feel like circumstances!

C Sept goal to create website
T The project would be better/easier to promote/more powerful and popular if I waited until I had 52 profiles or even 12 instead of 3-4 before launching it.
F Stupid for choosing this goal prematurely, shame, embarrassed
A Indulge in confusion and shame
R Think mean thoughts about myself, consider reneging on commitment to self, perhaps fail in advance?

C Goal
T I chose this goal and will publish this site on Sept 30 no matter what
F Proud to keep this commitment to self
A Work on site despite brain talk
R Finish site

I think I also have an intentional thought of “this project is amazing, even with 3 profiles.” But I can’t quite get there yet.