Halfway through the Money course, feeling awful

I’m going through the exercises in the money course and I’m having a lot of negative feelings. I made a lot of really dumb purchases and wasted a lot of money on things I wouldn’t buy again, or even go back in time and buy. I’m also really unhappy with our rental properties, the tax burden on them and the profit that’s not there. Unfortunately I feel like I can’t do anything about any of it as my husband has to agree to sell big things and is holding on to them from a total place of scarcity (they produce *some* income, so what if it’s cancelled out by expenses?) Meanwhile, the way we live is setting us up to have nothing left in 15 years without having to make more money, but I’d rather not have to work just to maintain things I don’t even want, when selling them could set us up indefinitely and give me a lot of breathing room. And I’d no longer be feeling so pressured to make my business profitable just to survive, when we could survive just fine with a house sale. Our net worth is too high to be this broke. I don’t even know where to begin modeling this all.