Halted weight loss

I have lost 26 kgs and am just 4 kgs off a 30kg weight loss goal. This last bit feels like the hardest. I have a few eels when I seem to be motivated, doing TDL’s and models etc. and then go a few weeks and just get distracted and busy with life. Mostly my business relates to my family and my job. I don’t understand my own inconsistency.

Sometimes I am like an A grade student and other times F grade. I keep wanting to go to the A line to solve for my inconsistency. Things like I should write down and practice my intentional models more. I should do my TDL first thing in the morning so I don’t get distracted. I should evaluate my progress each night so that I learn from the day etc.

But I know that the answer is in the T line. Can you offer any potential thoughts or good questions that I can work on to help me find my own thoughts that will drive the actions towards my final goal.  Thank you.