How to handle fear in the moment

Hi Brooke,
I just listened to your podcast on fear and it is ever so timely!

I think I made a mistake at work and rather than sweep it under the rug, I’m going to talk to my supervisor about it. I really want to learn and grow from this experience, but I’m definitely feeling fear and anxiety about this conversation.

When I did the inventory on how fear feels in my body, I wrote that I have a clenched throat, racing heart, racing thoughts and overall detachment/weakness in my body. I would typically go into a meeting like this feeling weak, scared, tearful and unable to speak. This time I want to go into this meeting feeling strong.

Do you have suggestions on coming up with a fear plan to feel strong in the moment? I’ve been doing thought downloads repeatedly this week, but I’m nervous about how I will be in the moment when the fear sensations start to kick in. The best I can come up with is to have several scripts prepared in case my throat starts to close up and I’m having difficulty finding my voice. I’d love to find some other ways to be stronger in the moment.

Thanks! Lynn

Thanks! Lynn