How to handle nosy questions/remarks from others about weight gain?

Hi Brooke,
So I often run into family, friends who are very blunt (idiotic) and will either stare with their mouth open or bluntly ask “what happened to your body?!” or “you need to lose wight, have you looked at yourself”, etc. How do I handle this?
My current way has been defending it and letting them sympathize with me by saying it’s due to being depressed and taking medications and is a side effect. Now I am realistic and know that it is not true and it’s because I have been eating as a buffer. However, how do i deal with them in these cases?
I was thinking of doing the following intentional thought model.

C-someone makes a remark about my weight
T-Inappropriate comments are not my concern. I love working on my new body. I can do this!
F-Indifferent about them. Excited about my health
A-“oh yeah I’m so excited to get back in shape”
R-we talk about healthy tips.

What do you think?

Thank you in advance,