Handling emotions and seeking being uncomfortable at the same is confusing

I’m in my second month in scholars, I’ve being practicing the model and I guess I understand it. But sometimes it feels like a little contradiction when, at one hand, we should practice our thoughts’ control in order to create the feelings and results we want, but at the same time you encourage discomfort as a way of growing.
If applying the model, shouldn’t we must be avoiding discomfort as a negative feeling? I mean, I guess discomfort may be an indicator that you are stretching your limits, but I don’t think people need to be uncomfortable all the time in order to grow… What about when you feel great doing what you’re doing or what you have accomplished, and that feeling motivates you to move forward and continue growing? I guess in a way this is what we all are really seeking for, to feel motivated and to maintain this feeling as long as possible. Am I wrong? Thank you