Hands-on learning vs. passive

So, I have signed up for April and have gotten my box. I have dived into the book (101), watched several starter videos as recommended. I am also reading (had been before starting) Byron Katie’s ‘Loving What is’. I feel like I need a starting place? My main goal in this experience is to strengthen my relationship with my spouse which is not that great as of now. We have been married 14 yrs yesterday actually, and I know the model but am having a hard time applying it. I can fill in a circumstance or result or whatever but I am lacking the ‘do’ in the process I guess. Maybe I’m over-thinking it. I do know that I have many negative thoughts towards my husband and maybe there is an un-doing process there along with this. I read over and over change the thought, for me, it is stick’in hard! I don’t want to write a novel here but just looking for a little direction. If I need to wait until the start of the month that is fine also.