Happiness = Laziness Thought Model

I’m currently working through the Connection lesson and this morning I uncovered a deep thought model that is blowing my mind.

Do I equate being happy with being lazy? I grew up with VERY strict and hardworking parents that taught us that play time was earned only after a hard days work…I had two page chore lists as early as 6 years old.

Some questions in my mind are:
If I believe happy people are lazy, is this why I work with aggression and stern focus, without peace and joy? I get really frustrated with people who mess around when we are supposed to be accomplishing something.

Do I believe happiness is something I cannot have unless I’ve first worked hard? And, as a self-employed person, since I never have an empty plate and my work is always present is happiness never to be attained?

Is this connected to perfectionism?

If I equate happy to lazy, then is it safe to say this current thought model also equates unhappiness to hard work?

I would REALLY appreciate any guidance and insight you have on this subject.