Happy Birthday Brooke!!

Thank you for your work! I came to your VIP modelthon, but did not get to ask my question (truth, I was nervous and then it went so quickly). I was engaged the whole time! You have energy, I am so impressed! I posted a couple questions about an interview I had earlier in the month that went well. I should hear if I am selected to go on to the next round or selected, period. In the meantime, I am prepping for a second interview, I am prepping for the future role, I am also writing a workshop teaching coaching techniques I am learning here.

I wanted to ask this question but felt a bit greedy, so that feeling stopped me. You have been mentioning that you can put anything into the R line – I want a house, a triplex or 4-plex in Santa Monica, California. Not a big one, a medium size for about $2.5+ million. I want fabulous tenants, and my home office, and my home. I want to have a successful coaching business, I want to be able to travel and be picked up by a LIMO!

You are an inspiration and are proving to so many what is possible – have the best birthday!