Happy November Update!

Hello Brooke!
November 1st milestone indeed! I am proud to be entering my 6th month with scholars. In September I purchased one month coaching with Rachel Hart! I love her! It was during a break from drinking, such perfect timing. A month of exhausting emotions for sure!
Completed my workbooks for October, 1st time, Everyday, huge accomplishment! I have even had time to review & catch up my previous months…. so rewarding! Did my 3rd 10 minute tutor call this past Monday! Everything is starting to click, friends and acquaintances are taking notice, change is undeniable. This is the hardest thing I have ever done for myself, and the most loving gift I have ever given to myself!
I am the Pilates/Line Dancer instructor living in Boulder City NV. My business is “Active Fun for Active People”
(Keeping our minds sharp, our bodies active and making connections) I would love to attend a training and provide some fun time during breaks? How cool would that be? I can’t even believe I am suggesting this! Wow! BLOWING MY OWN MIND! All because of SCS!!!
I am making a business plan to leave my part time job at SF Insurace, to build & grow my passion to teach! Can’t began to thank YOU enough! November topic, EMOTIONS, awesome timing….
Love YOU! Your program, your coaches…. All so AMAZING!
Lynn, Willy & Katie! (My two black & white shitzu pups)
Puppy Love! 💖