Happy to be a VIP

Hi Brooke,
I’m so pleased to be a VIP this month. I have learned a great deal about myself as a wife, mother, daughter, sister, and business owner. Top 10 things learned since May:
1. Everything is neutral until I have a thought about it.
2. I have plenty of time. Nothing is an emergency.
3. My results are here because of my thoughts and I can’t get positive results with negative thoughts and feelings.
4. Changing circumstances won’t change the way I feel. It’s ALL thought work.
5. I can love everyone because it feels so good for me and that includes my spouse, teenagers, and mother. My how they’ve changed since May 😉
6. When I care for myself, I have an abundance of love to share. This includes scheduling time to think and to relax.
7. Red wine, spending on Amazon.com, M&M’s, social media, procrastination, over-planning, defensiveness… is not the answer to any negative emotion. And…there isn’t any emotion that will hurt me. (I’m so grateful to get this and be able to share with my teens when they face situations where they feel anxious.)
8. My clients are awesome. I love them, love to serve them, and love to offer value that makes their journey into cookbook coaching with a clear yes (or a clear no, which is OK too.)
9. Doing my homework is the key to transformation. Just ask my closets! I have nothing to hide behind doors in my house or behind the door to my brain.
10. I can create from my future and that’s pretty darn exciting.

Thank you again for all you do. I feel the ripples of SCSs all across the world receiving good and giving good!

Do you happen to know what the time is for the VIP call at the end of November?

Have a great day and hi to the puppies,

Warm regards,
Maggie Green