Hard day/hard things

How do I reconcile having thoughts of experiencing a hard day and the benefit of doing hard things?
I think my question is around the word ‘hard’- hard seems to be a negative in the first model, but not in the second one- is it just semantics and I should substitute appropriate synonyms that ‘feel’ appropriate? I like the phrase ‘I can do hard things’, but then sometimes this gives me this sense that hard is negative. Not sure if this makes sense, but any help is appreciated. Thanks B

C work
T it was a hard day
F heavy
A shrink away from world
R less engagement, less work

C work
T some stuff happened, but it’s there to make me stronger. It’s the hard stuff that makes me grow. I can do hard things
F empowered
A deal with issues head on- make a plan
R I benefit, work benefits