hard time

Hi there

I just moved in with my boyfriend and I truly love him and feel so blessed to have him.
But my family lives 45minutes away (not that long)
But every time I go visit them I almost cry when I have to leave or sometimes even when i’m just there.
They are always so nice, helping me, giving me stuff etc.

I never thought that I would be this way as I always couldn’t wait to move out, because my dad was such a pain in the ass sometimes (always telling me to clean up etc.)

I guess where I want to be is that I see me visiting them as a wonderful cheerful thing and not this dramatic sad thing because I live “far” away..

I guess I’m stuck and don’t know where to begin.
What I know is that something in me is triggered by goodbyes. I had that when I was a child. Every time I had to say goodbye to someone I really love and feel so comfortable and safe with I cried.

Can you help me find out whats going on?