hard to believe in 50/50 sometimes


I like the 50/50 concept a lot, but when I think about it a little deeper, it becomes harder for me to believe.

For example, there are a few circumstances that I will always want to think negatively about such as rape, murder, homophobia, sexism, racism, etc. (I do understand that these labels can technically be considered “thoughts”)

I want to hold onto the belief that BIPOC have an extra set of circumstances that white individuals are less likely to encounter. I don’t want to let this belief go because I believe these certain sets of circumstances constitute as racism, and racism = bad.

I just think when certain circumstances happen, that’s a bigger uphill battle and I truly don’t think life is fair or 50/50. Like, if there is one BIPOC Scholar who feels compelled to do thought work on racism, and there is another white Scholar who has never had circumstances in their life that would need thought work around racism, then that frees up the white Scholar’s mind and time to reach other goals. I apologize if I’m not explaining this correctly.

I believe the same things go for different genders. Like a woman is more likely to be presented with a certain set of (what I would think and want to consider “unfair”) circumstances than a man. That’s EXTRA work that a woman might have to do that a man might not.

I don’t think certain things in this world are “fair” and I want to keep that belief. But I also feel like I sound like a little toddler throwing a tantrum! lol

thank you!