Hate having to decide what’s for dinner

Currently I work full time and live with my partner and my mother. My mom is elderly and doesn’t work and my partner is looking for a job. Neither one chooses to help out with what’s for dinner each night. I cook dinner and clean up around the house a few nights of the week and it seems like I’m always the one leading the way when it comes to deciding what’s for dinner. I resent it. I’ve asked my partner to come up with some ideas for a few nights and that I’ll come up with ideas for the other nights. This approach has received mixed success. Basically, I want to change my expectations for his behavior; I know that if the shoe were on the other foot, I’d be working to pitch in a little more around mealtimes.

C: Speaking with partner about what to make for dinner and he says “I don’t know.”
T: I hate that he never seems to want to answer me when I ask him directly about this.
F: Anger
A: Ignore my feelings, start to make suggestions, feel tired after the conversation, go back to work, stew in resentment, Google some recipes, end up working late, go out for dinner, spend more money than intended on dinner
R: Don’t have an authentic interaction with my partner and don’t stick to my financial plan