Hatespeech online – how to deal with it?

Someone is telling publicly lies about me, blaming me for stuff I didn’t do, including my real name and pictures of me. This gets seen by a lot of people, as is it posted openly on a big social media plattform. Other (strange) people are writing me furious mails because of that post, more or less repeating the stuff that is written there. Swearwords, middlefingers etc. included.

I feel sick about it. I’m scared to open my social media feed now to see additional stuff.

Right now I’m unable to find the thought that causes that sick feeling. Although it might be something like: Everyone will talk bad about me or they’ll laugh about me or people will think I’m a bad person and they will be disappointed (by the stuff I didn’t do.) But even if I try to come up with a new thought, there is no thought that really feels good in this situation.

Maybe it’s a situation where I just have to learn to accept the feeling, as Brooke says sometimes?

I’m not sure how to handle this situation and would appreciate any help.
Thank you!