Have My Cake and Eat It Too!!

I am so very conflicted…. I love baking. It gives me all the feel good vibes because I used to bake with my Grandma whom has crossed over now. I also LOVE eating dessert. It is such a delight.!! I am really good at baking… My conflict is I am also supposed to be a health coach. I know that sugar and gluten are bad for me and others but people don’t know me as a health coach.,. they know me as a baker. If they need a recipe for a cake, they would think of me… I want to be healthy. I want to be fit…. I want vitality… but it feels like I can’t have both. Sugar and Gluten etc are the villian these days…. Can I not just have my cake and eat it to???

Circumstance: Health Coach is a baker
Thought: I am not a real health coach, they will find me out.
Feeling: Guilty, Fraud, Inadequate health coach
Action: I stay stuck in a land that I don’t bake but I don’t do anything healthy either. There is no action with anything.
Result: I am confused, I am not moving forward with my baking skills or coaching skills.