Have To Eat It Before Someone Else Does!

I think this may have been a learned habit from childhood when unhealthy foods were infrequent, but I always worry that I won’t get “enough” of a treat food and so I sneak it before someone else can get to it and finish it. I tend to overeat from a scarcity mindset of “we don’t have ice cream in the freezer all the time so I need to eat it before it’s gone because my husband ate it.” Of course, I don’t really believe this. I’m a grown woman and can go buy ice cream myself. But I get in this weird emotional childhood place of “must get as much of it as possible while it lasts”. I’m a little baffled as to how to move on from this. I don’t believe that “belief” but it’s so engrained that it took a lot of self-coaching to discover it. Have you come across this and do you have any suggestions or alternative thoughts to work my way out of this childhood belief?