Haven’t spoken to my sister in months

My sister and I had a falling out due to differences in political beliefs and COVID. We had not spoken for over 4 months. For Christmas she mailed me a lovely cheese and nut basket so I sent her a thank you text. We exchanged ‘I love yous’ and she invited me to call her to chat. I haven’t. Having trouble with why I can’t bring myself to call her. I would like to put this behind us but finding it very difficult.

Thought download:
* What is she thinking?
* How were we raised in the same home and have such different views on this?
* She knows how our family has suffered due to communism, how could she support it?
* Who is this? I don’t even know her.
* Sisters are not supposed to stop talking.
* I wish I had a better relationship with her.
* This is not the first time she has betrayed me.
* I can’t trust her.

C – Sister and I have not spoken since September
T – She had no right to attack my political beliefs in such a public manner
F – Betrayed
A – Don’t communicate with her
R – We grow further apart