Having a bad day

I am having a bad day. Now I know its not REALLY bad, people are having much worse days than me. But its making me really grumpy and sad I don’t know how to turn it around.

I woke up feeling really bloated. I have been having bloating on and off for years now. It comes and goes. I have tried all sorts of implementation diets and nothing seems to work long term. If I am bloated, it does affect my mood.

Then I updated my operating system on my computer. Now it doesn’t remember any of my passwords. I don’t know this before I upgraded, otherwise I would have prepared. So now every time I want to go into a website I have to reset all my passwords and everything is taking me forever.

I phoned my hairdresser to try and get an appointment and they have been inundated with calls that they have switched the phones off until tomorrow.

These are the things that I can put my finger on and describe, but it feels like there is a lot more, underneath that I don’t know about and just writing this is making me cry.

In an ideal world, I would like to turn my day around so I feel cheerful and productive but I am not sure how.