having a cold

How do i do a model when i’m physically sick? I caught a cold couple days ago and it is so annoying, it’s keeping me from doing the things I want to do during the day plus i feel like crap.
Unintentional thought:
C – sick
T – i hate this
F – frustrated
A – buffer with food and TV, indulge in self-pity, complain
R – make it worse than it is
Intentional thought:
C – sick
T – I am in the process of getting better
F – patient
A – I do what I can during the day
R – cold goes away after a few days and I don’t make it worse than it is.

Since I started doing my homework daily I swear doing the model feels like magic, I’m like a complete new person. But I don’t know how to deal with this being sick period. It feels like I don’t have any control over it because of the physical symptoms. Any suggestions? Thank you.