Having a family – model

I am doing a model and need your help.
I have a boyfriend but we have not had sex. But still, we are together. We went through many difficulties, but are still together. He told me that even if he loves me, something is broken and that he cannot have sex with me.

After a private coach cession, here is the model that I have struggled with: (going backward from the R line)
C: ?
T: I have a stable life and I can move forward ?
F: Happy and desirable
A: Have sex
R: I want to have a family
Struggling with the T and C line. Can you help?

The other model is
C: Partner told me that he can’t have sex with me
T: I am not desirable, I won’t be able to have family, my parents won’t have grandkids
F: sad, desoriented, depressed, abandonned
A: No action. Resigned
R: No sex, no family

Thanks a lot.