Having a "hard" conversation from a clean space

I often hear Brooke or other coaches talk about how before having a “hard” conversation with someone we should clean out our thoughts first (starting with “this is going to be a hard convo” haha).

What does that look like? I listed a list of actions & thoughts to practice, is there anything I’m missing as I prepare for such conversations?
– I am responsible for my emotional state no matter how this conversation goes
– I know that the conversation might not mean that the person will change and I’m ok with that outcome
– I clean up my manual before going into the conversation
– I clean up my agenda before going into the conversation
– No matter what comes out of this, I can be happy
– However he reacts is on him, not on me
– I am having this conversation just because I want to
– I will have my back no matter what
– I know that if he changes his behavior, the only reason I’ll feel better is because I changed my thoughts

Anything else? How else can I self coach ahead of / during / after a conversation like that?