Having hard time not thinking about husband who left

My husband left me 5 weeks ago. I’ve been self coaching and using the Model for many months now but I’m struggling with not being able to stop thinking about him. I made mistakes, I want to make it up to him, he won’t talk to me, he won’t come back, all of that is out of my control… I have days I am able to stay really positive and days I’m really sad and I’m doing my work…, I’m staying busy, I’m making new friends, I’m trying new things and I’m able to be present with my kids and stuff but he is always, always, always on my mind. I want to stop thinking about him. I want to find a new thought to this Model
C: thinking about husband who left
T: I desperately miss him and want him back so I can make it up to him
F: distracted
A: mind is racing about him all the time in the background
R: I can’t stop thinking about him
Maybe my C is all wrong?