Having my own back/people pleasing

I would like to take off an extra day at work this weekend, and I’m having these thoughts:

I shouldn’t take this day off because I already took 3 long weekends in a row (reasons for why I shouldn’t below).
My teammates will judge me for it.
I may get reprimanded by my team lead.
I may get questioned about it.
My team lead will judge me.
My direct reports wouldn’t like that.
I already took a day of this week, so taking another one will be too much.

What I’m seeing is that I’m leaning toward not taking this extra day off, but for the reason that I don’t want to be judged by others.

Here’s a model on a specific thought:
C: Choice to take off an extra day this week
T: They won’t like that
F: anxious
A; ruminating on decision, talking about it / doing models, not taking the day off in my schedule
R: ? I judge myself? I don’t let myself do what I please?

I see that there’s a lot of people pleasing going on here. I don’t know what anyone really thinks. This might be neutral for people. Some people might in fact be inspired by this. Even if people are upset, it’s their thoughts, and I don’t have to change my decision based on that.

However, I still am trying to change their thoughts about me by “doing the reasonable thing”, or being a team player, or giving more at work.

On the one hand I would prefer that I just do what I want and not make this decision based on people pleasing. I also would like to have my own back if I do end up not taking the day off based on people pleasing.

Would love your thoughts on the whole thing, especially if there’s more nuance I’m not seeing.