Having Pleasure

Asked about “Having Pleasure” as in “having money” context – coach that answered me didn’t understand my concept.

I understand yes pleasure can be a feeling and of course our T’s create our F’s

I’m needing help w/ different concept of my own – Having Pleasure.

Like having money.
I’m working that too.
So like w/ money I often get rid of it quick – so working to expand my ability to Have money.

So too w/ pleasure. When I have pleasure – I am often thinking over the pleasure instead of having it in that moment, or excitedly jumping to next pleasure which might be a lessor, less satisfying more buffering or comfy comfortable type thing rather than the Life of Pleasure I want go have capacity to have –

Hope this makes sense – just like I want to expand my ability to have money rather than spend it – looking for help on having pleasure – holding it, not buffering it away, or kinda spending it all at once

Some examples – are I’ll make progress in biz or scs – thats pleasure I can have and then keep working but instead I’ll often try to spend it and go be excitedly wasting time as if that was the desired result – the desired result was to have the pleasure – feel that success of that moment And keeping working toward actual result of those models – probably completing biz task to completion or whatever it is in moment….. (yes I under often often pleasure is the F of a model – speaking about it differently)